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ACEC Risk Management Resources

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ACEC Risk Management Resources

Key Legislative Priorities

Latest News

Professional Liability Insurance Surveys of Member Firms

An important consideration for every engineering firm is professional liability insurance. Insurance availability, rates, types of coverage, pre-claim assistance, claim processing, and related issues all have a direct bearing on the strength and financial stability of the firm. To help ACEC members understand the current insurance landscape, the ACEC Risk Management Committee conducts an annual survey of member firms on their professional liability insurance coverage and experience. Click here to order your copy of the survey.

Professional Liability Insurance Surveys of Carriers

Each year ACEC, NSPE, and the AIA jointly administer a survey of professional liability insurance (PLI) companies serving the design professional industry. The results may be of interest to your firm if you are looking to add coverage, adjust existing coverage, or compare your PLI provider with other carriers.

2017 Professional Liability Insurance Survey of Carriers — Spreadsheet (PDF format). Click here for disclaimer.

2016 Professional Liability Insurance Survey of Carriers — Spreadsheet (PDF format). Click here for disclaimer.

2015 Professional Liability Insurance Survey of Carriers — Spreadsheet (PDF format). Click here for disclaimer.

Additional Resources & Materials

Certificates of Insurance White Paper — A recent change in the certificate of insurance form has sparked new conflicts between design professionals and their clients. This paper explores the roots of the conflict, and offers helpful information on managing the certificate of insurance process.

Client Expectations of Perfection — The ACEC Risk Management Committee’s latest papers and presentations on the disturbing trend towards client expectations of perfection in engineering services, and what ACEC and its members can do about the problem, are collected in the following Toolkit of Documents (Click Here for Disclaimer). The Toolkit is intended for use by members of the professional design community. The documents can be saved and adapted for internal firm use, external speaking, or educating clients. To view the notes pages for each PowerPoint slide show, each document must first be saved and then opened.

Contract Insurability Negotiation Guide

Design-Build Projects — Achieving Fair Allocation of Risk between the Contractor and Design Professional

Design for Construction Safety (DfCS): A Review of Risks and Challenges for Design Professionals

Document Retention Guidelines

Mediation and Arbitration in Construction … for the people who write the checks This pamphlet was written as an informational resource for those who are facing their first alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process. The pamphlet focuses on mediation and arbitration methods, processes, roles and relationships.

Preparing for the IgCC — Members of the Risk Management Committee evaluated the International Green Construction Code (IgCC) and produced this white paper on how the Code will affect professional practices and the standard of care for design, engineering, construction administration, commissioning, and facility management.

An Overview of Indemnification and the Duty to Defend — An overview and analysis of these critical legal concepts provided by the Risk Management Committee.

Public-Private Partnerships—A Look From the Inside at the Risk Management Issues

Social Media for Engineering Firms — Benefits and Risks

Staff Contact: Charles Kim




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