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ACEC/Alabama Membership

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How to Join ACEC in Alabama

ACEC membership is available through one of the 51 state and regional councils, called Member Organizations, which provide additional benefits at the local level. Dues vary with the size of your firm and with each Member Organization. Membership eligibility requirements may also vary.

Because of the wealth of information and networking, many non-engineering companies join ACEC each year. If your non-engineering firm is interested in joining ACEC, you should examine the Affiliate ACEC Membership requirements.

  • Click below to view the prospective member brochure, ACEC Means Business.
Member Seal

Because the ACEC logo is nationally associated with excellence, integrity and quality, members use it on their business literature. Many ACEC members report that, in their clients’ eyes, membership in ACEC offers an advantage over non-members.


Member Type Firm Contact Phone
ASSOC ACEC/Life HealthTrust Lana Oxsen 405-703-1821
ASSOC Auburn University  BECE Larry Sellers 334-844-5711
ASSOC Barfield, Murphy, Shank & Smith, P.C. Ross Mendheim 205-982-5500
ASSOC Capell & Howard, PC Lister Hubbard 334-241-8035
ASSOC Dent Moses Mike Baker 205-871-1880
ASSOC Hubbell Mike Lee 615-352-1172
ASSOC J.R. Prewitt & Associates Andy Prewitt 205-933-9207
ASSOC Parrot Structural Services Mike Maas 1-866-668-2212
ASSOC Thalamus Allen L. Conradi 205-389-3995
ASSOC The Crom Corporation J. Brandon Lawhern 352-372-3436
ASSOC TJS Deemer Dana, LLP Vanessa Pace 800-852-6075
ASSOC YANMAR America Luke McHugh 678-800-9349
Life Member R.L. Wolfe Associates Barbara Wolfe 334-244-1428
REGULAR AECOM Eddie Lobdell 205-970-1443
REGULAR AECOM Christy Cahalan 205-970-1443
REGULAR AMEC Foster Wheeler Environmental & Infrastructure Luther Boudra 205-980-6402
REGULAR AMEC Foster Wheeler Environmental & Infrastructure Leslie Noble 205-980-6402
REGULAR ATC Group Services, LLC Fred R. Deleon, Jr. 205-733-8775
REGULAR Atkins North America, Inc. Mark D. McAdams 205-969-3776
REGULAR Barge Waggoner Sumner & Cannon Jason Lowe  256-203-8952
REGULAR Barge Waggoner Sumner & Cannon Chris Grace 205-298-6074
REGULAR Barge Waggoner Sumner & Cannon Barry Mott 334-793-6266
REGULAR Barnett, Jones, Wilson, LLC John Jones 205-884-5334
REGULAR Barnett, Jones, Wilson, LLC Jennifer Wilson 205-345-9595
REGULAR Barter & Associates, Inc. Marc Barter 251-473-8354
REGULAR Bhate Engineering Corporation Uday R. Bhate 205-591-7062
REGULAR Bhate Engineering Corporation Chuck Burgin 205-591-7062
REGULAR Borden Morris Garner Consulting Engineers Morgan Garner 334-269-0329
REGULAR Building & Earth Sciences, Inc. Jeff Cowen 205-836-6300
REGULAR Building & Earth Sciences, Inc. George Bullock 205-836-6300
REGULAR Building & Earth Sciences, Inc. Deepa Bhate 205-836-6300
REGULAR CDG Engineers and Associates, Inc. Randy Spence 256-891-3458
REGULAR CDG Engineers and Associates, Inc. Chuck Chitwood 256-543-9431
REGULAR CDG Engineers and Associates, Inc. Daniel Wells 251-222-9431
REGULAR CDG Engineers and Associates, Inc. Mark Pugh 251-222-9431
REGULAR CDG Engineers and Associates, Inc. Allen Yates 256-539-7470
REGULAR CDG Engineers and Associates, Inc. Scott Trott 251-222-9431
REGULAR CDG Engineers and Associates, Inc. Anthony Kamburis 251-403-2600
REGULAR CDG Engineers and Associates, Inc. Jeff Harrison 334-466-9431
REGULAR Christy/Cobb, Inc. Lowell K. Christy 205-933-1080
REGULAR Clark Geer Latham & Associates, Inc. Thomas Clark 251-344-7073
REGULAR Consulting Construction Engineering Frank Cater 205-352-2500
REGULAR Flowers & White Engineering, LLC Brad Flowers 334-356-7600
REGULAR Garver Engineers, LLC Jerry McCarley 256-534-5517
REGULAR Garver Engineers, LLC Jerry McCarley 205-443-3080
REGULAR Geo Solutions, LLC William Kennard 256-837-6708
REGULAR GeoCon Engineering & Materials Testing Jason J. Christian 251-210-6252
REGULAR Gonzales-Strength & Associates, Inc. James Brown 205-942-2486
REGULAR Gonzales-Strength & Associates, Inc. Mark Gonzalez 205-942-2486
REGULAR Gresham Smith & Partners J. Robert Murphy, Jr. 205-298-9200
REGULAR Hargrove Engineers + Constructors Ralph Hargrove 251-432-0221
REGULAR Hargrove Engineers + Constructors Jim Uptigrove 251-375-5632
REGULAR Hargrove Engineers + Constructors Jeff Tapley 251-432-0221
REGULAR HDR Engineering Shasta O’Donnell 251-586-6086
REGULAR HDR Engineering Matthew Bell 251-586-6086
REGULAR HDR Engineering  Marine Science & Planning Randy Gallien 256-867-6335
REGULAR HMB Alabama, LLC Brian Hynniman 334-277-1002
REGULAR Hutchinson, Moore & Rauch, LLC Scott Hutchinson 251-626-2626
REGULAR Hyde Engineering Rusty Hyde 205-982-0900
REGULAR Hutchinson, Moore & Rauch, LLC Ray Moore 251-380-8754
REGULAR Hyde Engineering Liz Hyde 205-982-0900
REGULAR InSite Engineering, LLC Bryan K. Pate 205-733-9696
REGULAR Jeffcoat Engineers & Surveyors, LLC Guthrie Jeffcoat 334-265-1246
REGULAR Krebs Engineering, Inc. Gary L. Huffman 205-987-7411
REGULAR Krebs Engineering, Inc. Danny Holmberg 334-271-0986
REGULAR Larry E. Speaks & Associates, Inc. Steven Speaks 334-262-1091
REGULAR LBYD, Civil and Structural Engineers Win Bishop 205-251-4500
REGULAR S&ME, Inc. Harry Wilson 256-533-3311
REGULAR McCarter Engineering Stan McCarter 256-240-7335
REGULAR McGiffert & Associates, LLC Jimmy Duncan 205-759-1521
REGULAR McGiffert & Associates, LLC David McGiffert 205-759-1521
REGULAR Mims Engineering, Inc. Kevin Mims 256-881-4126
REGULAR Mott MacDonald Kendall Kilpatrick 251-343-4366
REGULAR Mott MacDonald Kyle Wood 205-939-1119
REGULAR Neel-Schaffer, Inc. Christopher Sellers 205-397-3800
REGULAR Neel-Schaffer, Inc. Mary Margaret Nicholson 205-397-3800
REGULAR Neel-Schaffer, Inc. Bob Portera 205-397-3800
REGULAR Neel-Schaffer, Inc. Alicia Rudolph 205-349-2100
REGULAR Neel-Schaffer, Inc. John Murphy 251-471-2000
REGULAR Pugh Wright McAnally, Inc. H. Blake McAnally 256-353-3937
REGULAR Ritchie & Montgomery Consulting Engineers Bruce Montgomery 205-879-8601
REGULAR S&ME, Inc. Charles Oligee 256-837-8882
REGULAR Sain Associates Jim Meads 205-940-6420
REGULAR Sain Associates Joe Meads 205-940-6420
REGULAR Sawgrass Consulting LLC Tom Granger 251-544-7900
REGULAR Southern Earth Sciences Lewis Copeland 251-445-4354
REGULAR Southland Professional Engineers, Inc. Richard H. Dour 334-271-1707
REGULAR SSOE Group Andrew York 256-534-2353
REGULAR SSOE Group Alyson Dinca 256-534-2353
REGULAR SSOE Group John W. Gill 205-323-7373
REGULAR Terracon Consultants Alain J. Gallet 205-942-1289
REGULAR Terracon Consultants Terry Rippstein 205-942-1289
REGULAR The EE Group, Inc. Jay Morgan 256-413-7717
REGULAR The EE Group, Inc. Jeff Cornelius 256-413-7717
REGULAR Tom Joiner & Associates Robert T. Wood 205-345-2311
REGULAR TTL, Inc. Dean McClure 205-345-0816
REGULAR TTL, Inc. Forest Wilson 205-345-0816
REGULAR TTL, Inc. Ken Bailey 205-345-0816
REGULAR TTL, Inc. Kevin Bailey 334-244-0766
REGULAR United Consulting Russell Griebel 205-699-4484
REGULAR United Consulting Andrea Pickrell 205-699-4484
REGULAR Volkert & Associates, Inc. Guy O’Connor 251-342-1070
REGULAR Volkert & Associates, Inc. John Smith 205-214-5500
REGULAR Volkert & Associates, Inc. Jay Dickson 251-968-2318
REGULAR Volkert & Associates, Inc. Brad Ehrman 256-970-4787
REGULAR Volkert & Associates, Inc. Mike Harper 334-260-3134
REGULAR Volkert & Associates, Inc. Perry Hand 251-342-1070
REGULAR Walker Associates, Inc. Jason Walker 205-561-3778
REGULAR Walter Schoel Engineering Company Walter Schoel, III 205-323-6166
REGULAR Walter Schoel Engineering Company Ty Kicklighter 205-323-6166
REGULAR Weatherford and Associates Joseph D. Weatherford 334-277-9550
REGULAR Whorton Engineering, Inc. Randall D. Whorton 256-820-9897
REGULAR Whorton Engineering, Inc. Heather Page 256-820-9897
REGULAR Wi-Skies LLC Joe Marsh 219-588-6962
SUST Alabama Graphics John Davis 205-252-8505
SUST Block USA (CEMEX Materials, LLC) Bill Roy 205-986-4800
SUST Inline Electric Supply James Blackwood 205-322-2600
SUST ITD of Huntsville/SSI Bob Doehrman 256-882-2728
SUST Jim House & Associates Wynn Echols 205-592-6302
SUST Kirkpatrick Concrete, Inc. Bart Moore 205-423-2630
SUST Lighting Solutions Mark A. Gray Jr. 205-323-4208