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ACEC/Alabama Membership

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Join ACEC in Alabama

Welcome to the American Council of Engineering Companies. Representing thousands of companies, we are the voice of the engineering industry in Washington, DC and throughout the nation. With roots dating back more than 100 years, ACEC is a federation of 52 state and regional councils representing more than 600,000 engineers, architects, land surveyors and other specialists. Our primary mission is to strengthen the business environment for our member firms through government advocacy, political action, and business education.

Established in 1956, ACEC/Alabama Engineering Companies are engaged with state and local governments and other public and private entities to ensure Alabama’s public and private infrastructure meet the highest standards. Our Members protect and ensure the quality of life for the citizens of our great state. ACEC Members in Alabama take seriously their responsibility not just for the quality of the projects they design, but for the safety and well-being of the public at large.

Take a moment to get to know us, view The Power of ACEC video, or visit us at www.aceca.org.

Member Type Firm Contact Email
ASSOC ACEC/Life HealthTrust Lana Oxsen lana@aceclifehealthtrust.com
ASSOC Acker Electric Co., Inc. Aaron P. Acker aaron@ackerelectric.com
ASSOC Auburn University  BECE Larry Sellers SELLEJL@auburn.edu
ASSOC Barfield, Murphy, Shank & Smith, P.C. Ross Mendheim rmendheim@bmss.com
ASSOC Capell & Howard, PC Lister Hubbard lister.hubbard@chlaw.com
ASSOC Capell & Howard, PC Richard Allen richard.allen@chlaw.com
ASSOC Dent Moses Mike Baker mbaker@dentmoses.com
ASSOC Hubbell Mike Lee mlee@hubbell-premise.com
ASSOC J.R. Prewitt & Associates Andy Prewitt aprewitt@jrprewitt.com
ASSOC Parrot Structural Services Mike Maas RAISE@aol.com
ASSOC Thalamus Allen L. Conradi thalamus@bellsouth.net
ASSOC The Crom Corporation J. Brandon Lawhern jbl@cromcorp.com
ASSOC Turner Rob Turner rob@rturnerinsurance.com
ASSOC Utility Service Corporation Jacob Schrimsher jschrimsher@utilserv.com
ASSOC YANMAR America Sam Eargle n/a
Life Member R.L. Wolfe Associates Barbara Wolfe n/a
REGULAR AECOM Eddie Lobdell eddie.lobdell@aecom.com
REGULAR AECOM Christy Cahalan christy.cahalan@aecom.com
REGULAR Alabama Land Surveryors, Inc James D. Monk james@alsinc.us
REGULAR AMEC Foster Wheeler Environmental & Infrastructure Luther Boudra luther.boudra@amecfw.com
REGULAR AMEC Foster Wheeler Environmental & Infrastructure Leslie Noble leslie.noble@amecfw.com
REGULAR Atkins North America, Inc. Mark D. McAdams mark.mcadams@atkinsglobal.com
REGULAR Barge Design Solutions, Inc. Chris Grace chris.grace@bwsc.net
REGULAR Barge Design Solutions, Inc. Barry Mott barry.mott@bwsc.net
REGULAR Barge Design Solutions, Inc. Jason Lowe jason.lowe@bwsc.net
REGULAR Barge Design Solutions, Inc. Hunter Moss hunter.moss@bwsc.net
REGULAR Barnett, Jones, Wilson, LLC Jennifer Wilson jennifer@struct-engr.com
REGULAR Barnett, Jones, Wilson, LLC John Jones john@struct-engr.com
REGULAR Barnett, Jones, Wilson, LLC Jeremy Deal jeremy@struct-engr.com
REGULAR Barter & Associates, Inc. Marc Barter mbarter@barterse.com
REGULAR Bhate Engineering Corporation Uday R. Bhate uday@bhate-eng.com
REGULAR Bhate Engineering Corporation Chuck Burgin cburgin@bhate-geo.com
REGULAR Borden Morris Garner Consulting Engineers Morgan Garner morgan.garner@bmg-eng.com
REGULAR Building & Earth Sciences, Inc. Jeff Cowen jcowen@buildingandearth.com
REGULAR Building & Earth Sciences, Inc. George Bullock gbullock@buildingandearthc.om
REGULAR Building & Earth Sciences, Inc. Deepa Bhate dbhate@buildingandearth.com
REGULAR Building & Earth Sciences, Inc. Richard Brown rbrown@buildingandearth.com
REGULAR CDG Engineers and Associates, Inc. Randy Spence randy.spence@cdge.com
REGULAR CDG Engineers and Associates, Inc. Daniel Wells daniel.wells@cdge.com
REGULAR CDG Engineers and Associates, Inc. Mark Pugh mark.pugh@cdge.com
REGULAR CDG Engineers and Associates, Inc. Scott Trott scott.trott@cdge.com
REGULAR CDG Engineers and Associates, Inc. Jeff Harrison jeff.harrison@cdge.com
REGULAR CDG Engineers and Associates, Inc. Chuck Chitwood chuck.chitwood@cdge.com
REGULAR CDG Engineers and Associates, Inc. Anthony Kamburis anthony.kamburis@cdge.com
REGULAR CDG Engineers and Associates, Inc. Allen Yates allen.yates@cdge.com
REGULAR Christy/Cobb, Inc. Lowell K. Christy lowell@christycobb.com
REGULAR Christy/Cobb, Inc. Gray Wells gray@christycobb.com
REGULAR Clark Geer Latham & Associates, Inc. Thomas Clark tclark@cglengineers.com
REGULAR Consulting Construction Engineering Frank Cater fcater@ccengmail.com
REGULAR Corporate Environmental Risk Management AL Edwards aedwards@cerm.com
REGULAR Corporate Environmental Risk Management Cliff Lambert clambert@cerm.com
REGULAR Edmonds Engineering, Inc. Dan Blackman dblackman@edmondsengineering.com
REGULAR Edmonds Engineering, Inc. Dwight Stewart dstewart@edmonengineering.com
REGULAR Edmonds Engineering, Inc. Scott Carlisle scarlisle@edmondsengineering.com
REGULAR Garver Engineers, LLC Brian Shannon bsshannon@garverusa.com
REGULAR Garver Engineers, LLC Jerry McCarley jdmccarley@garverusa.com
REGULAR Geo Solutions, LLC William Kennard wkennard@geo-solutions.net
REGULAR Gonzales-Strength & Associates, Inc. James Brown jbrown@gonzalez-strength.com
REGULAR Gonzales-Strength & Associates, Inc. Mark Gonzalez mark@gonzalez-strength.com
REGULAR Gonzales-Strength & Associates, Inc. Doug Peterson dpeterson@gonzaez-strength.com
REGULAR Gresham Smith & Partners Len Luther robert_murphy@gspnet.com
REGULAR Gresham Smith & Partners Blair Perry blair_perry@gspnet.com
REGULAR Hargrove Engineers + Constructors Ralph Hargrove rhargrove@hargrove-epc.com
REGULAR Hargrove Engineers + Constructors Jim Uptigrove juptigrove@hargrove-epc.com
REGULAR Hargrove Engineers + Constructors Jeff Tapley jtapley@hargrove-epc.com
REGULAR HDR Engineering Shasta O’Donnell shasta.odonnell@hdrinc.com
REGULAR HDR Engineering Matthew Bell matthew.bell@hdrinc.com
REGULAR HDR Engineering  Marine Science & Planning Randy Gallien randy.gallien@hdrinc.com
REGULAR HMB Alabama, LLC Brian Hynniman bhynniman@hmbpe.com
REGULAR Hutchinson, Moore & Rauch, LLC Scott Hutchinson sah@hmrengineers.com
REGULAR Hutchinson, Moore & Rauch, LLC Ray Moore rbm@hmrengineers.com
REGULAR InSite Engineering, LLC Bryan K. Pate bryan@insiteengineering.org
REGULAR Jeffcoat Engineers & Surveyors, LLC Guthrie Jeffcoat jeffcoatllc@jeffcoateng.com
REGULAR Krebs Engineering, Inc. Gary L. Huffman gary.huffman@krebseng.com
REGULAR Krebs Engineering, Inc. Danny Holmberg danny.holmberg@krebseng.com
REGULAR Larry E. Speaks & Associates, Inc. Steven Speaks sspeaks@lespeaks.com
REGULAR Live Oak Engineering, Inc. Patrick Plourde patrick@liveoakengineering.com
REGULAR LBYD, Civil and Structural Engineers Win Bishop wbishop@lbyd.com
REGULAR LBYD, Civil and Structural Engineers Brad Christopher bchristopher@lbyd.com
REGULAR McCarter Engineering Stan McCarter mccarterengineer@cableone.net
REGULAR McGiffert & Associates, LLC Jimmy Duncan jduncan@mcgiffert.com
REGULAR McGiffert & Associates, LLC David McGiffert wdavid@mcgiffert.com
REGULAR McGiffert & Associates, LLC Hansel Stewart hstewart@mcgiffert.com
REGULAR Mims Engineering, Inc. Kevin Mims jkm@mimseng.com
REGULAR Mott MacDonald Kyle Wood kyle.wood@mottmac.com
REGULAR Mott MacDonald Kendall Kilpatrick kendall.kilpatrick@mottmac.com
REGULAR Neel-Schaffer, Inc. Christopher Sellers christopher.sellers@neel-schaffer.com
REGULAR Neel-Schaffer, Inc. Mary Margaret Nicholson mary.nicholson@neel-schaffer.com
REGULAR Neel-Schaffer, Inc. Bob Portera bob.portera@neel-schaffer.com
REGULAR Neel-Schaffer, Inc. John Murphy john.murphy@neel-schaffer.com
REGULAR Neel-Schaffer, Inc. Alicia Rudolph alicia.rudolph@neel-schaffer.com
REGULAR Pugh Wright McAnally, Inc. H. Blake McAnally blakem@pughwrightmcanally.com
REGULAR Ritchie & Montgomery Consulting Engineers Bruce Montgomery bmontgo275@aol.com
REGULAR S&ME, Inc. Harry Wilson hwilson@smeinc.com
REGULAR S&ME, Inc. Charles Oligee coligee@smeinc.com
REGULAR Sain Associates Jim Meads jimmeads@sain.com
REGULAR Sain Associates Joe Meads joemeads@sain.com
REGULAR Sawgrass Consulting LLC Tom Granger tgranger@sawgrassllc.com
REGULAR Southern Earth Sciences Lewis Copeland lcopeland@soearth.com
REGULAR Southland Professional Engineers, Inc. Richard H. Dour dickdour@soproeng.com
REGULAR SSOE Group John W. Gill jgill@ssoe.com
REGULAR SSOE Group Andrew York ayork@ssoe.com
REGULAR SSOE Group Alyson Dinca adinca@ssoe.com
REGULAR Terracon Consultants Alain J. Gallet alain.gallet@terracon.com
REGULAR Terracon Consultants Terry Rippstein terry.rippstein@terracon.com
REGULAR Terracon Consultants Jerry Smith jerry.smith@terraacon.com
REGULAR The EE Group, Inc. Jeff Cornelius jeff@eegrpinc.com
REGULAR The EE Group, Inc. Jay Morgan jay@eegrpinc.com
REGULAR TTL, Inc. Kevin Blake kblake@ttlusa.com
REGULAR TTL, Inc. Dean McClure dmclure@ttlusa.com
REGULAR TTL, Inc. Forest Wilson fwilson@ttlusa.com
REGULAR TTL, Inc. Ken Bailey kbailey@ttlusa.com
REGULAR TTL, Inc. Patrick Gupton pgupton@ttlusa.com
REGULAR TTL, Inc. Jason Walker jwalker@ttlusa.com
REGULAR United Consulting Russell Griebel rgriebel@unitedconsulting.com
REGULAR United Consulting Andrea Pickrell apickrell@unitedconsulting.com
REGULAR Volkert & Associates, Inc. John Smith john.smith@volkert.com
REGULAR Volkert & Associates, Inc. Jay Dickson jay.dickson@volkert.com
REGULAR Volkert & Associates, Inc. Brad Ehrman bradley.ehrman@volkert.com
REGULAR Volkert & Associates, Inc. Guy O’Connor guy.oconnor@volkert.com
REGULAR Volkert & Associates, Inc. Perry Hand perry.hand@volkert.com
REGULAR Volkert & Associates, Inc. Mike Harper mike.harper@volkert.com
REGULAR Volkert & Associates, Inc. Drew Davis drew.davis@volkert.com
REGULAR Walter Schoel Engineering Company Walter Schoel, III wsiii@schoel.com
REGULAR Walter Schoel Engineering Company Ty Kicklighter tkicklighter@schoel.com
REGULAR Weatherford and Associates Joseph D. Weatherford joe@waeng.com
REGULAR Whorton Engineering, Inc. Randall D. Whorton randy@whortoneng.com
REGULAR Whorton Engineering, Inc. Heather Page heather@whortoneng.com
REGULAR Wi-Skies LLC Joe Marsh joe@wi-skies.com
SUST Alabama Graphics Jon Davis customer_service@algraphics.com
SUST Block USA (CEMEX Materials, LLC) Bill Roy williams.roy@rmusa.cemex.com
SUST Block USA (CEMEX Materials, LLC) Major Ogilvie major.ogilvie@rmasa.cemex.com
SUST Eaton Scott Seale scottaseale@eaton.com
SUST Inline Electric Supply James Blackwood randy@inlinelectric.com
SUST ITD of Huntsville/SSI Bob Doehrman bdoehrman@comcast.net
SUST Jim House & Associates Wynn Echols wynn@jimhouse.com
SUST Kirkpatrick Concrete, Inc. Bart Moore bmoore@natcem.com
SUST Lighting Solutions Mark A. Gray Jr. mgray@lightingsolutionsal.com
SUST Square D by Schneider Electric Johnny Vincent johnny.vincent@schnider-electric.com